2020 Taksim Urban Design Competition / Equivalent Mention

2019 International Idealkent Awards, Unesco, France, Landscaping Category / 1st Prize 

2018 Municipal Encouragement Awards, The Best Project to Illustrate the Historical and Cultural Heritage with Urban Strategy / 1st Prize 

2017 Sign of the City Awards, Urban Design Category / 1st Prize 

2016 Association of Historical Cities Project Awards / 1st Prize

2016 Altın Karınca Awards, Town Planning Urbanism and Esthetics Category / 1st Prize

2015 Eskinoz Valley Urban Design Project Competition 1st Mention

2014 Polimeks Industrial Regeneration Project Competition Honorable Mention

2010 UNESCO Selimiye Mosque Environs Urban Design Competition 1st Prize

2008 Fethiye Shopping Mall and Public Center Competition / 1st Mention

2007 PROSTEEL Dense Housing Design Competition / 2nd Prize